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How to Prevent Ultra High Oil Temperature of a Loader Torque Converter?

June 01, 2019

1. Select and Use the Right Hydraulic Transmission Oil

Choose the hydraulic transmission oil according to the temperature characteristics of the actual construction season. In addition, the oil should be oxidation resista nt, with certain viscosity.

2. Pay Attention to Maintenance

Keep the filter screen unblocked. Regularly check the oil filter if the wheel loader is equipped with it. The output shaft seals of the front and rear axles should also be inspected so as to prevent oil leak. Additionally, regular checks of the engine cooling water quantity and tensioning of fan belt are required to ensure there is enough cooling water and air.

3. Give Much Attention to Degree of Parts Wear and Assembly Quality

a. Keep the variable speed pump operating at peak performance. If the temperature of the pump is much higher than that of the tank, then an overhaul is required. The clearance between the pump cover and two gear faces should be 0.150~0.200mm, and the maximum width difference of a pair of gears should be less than 30mm. There should be no obvious scratches and grooves on the parts surface. The gears must be assembled in pairs and run flexibly.

b. During transmission overhaul, please focus on checking friction plate. There should be no spalling, cracks, debris or dust, and the friction plate and the steel sheet must be bonded firmly.

c.Maintain proper fit clearance of the speed change valve. If the clearance is too large, the pressure oil may be squeezed from the gap, which may cause throttle loss, resulting in high oil temperature. In addition, the pressure of the speed change valve should be properly adjusted.

d. After installation of the torque converter, all rotating parts should be able to rotate freely. Rotate the turbine set by hand, the first stage turbine blade and the second turbine blade should rotate flexibly and freely without clamping stagnation. Additionally, oil seals and seal rings should be damage free. Also, bearing failure must be eliminated. Furthermore, maintain normal oil pressure at the inlet and outlet of the torque converter

e. Avoid long-term overloaded operations.